Don't worry about your next construction site inspection
We deliver documents and software that make sure you comply with construction site rules and regulations in Norway, with everything available in both Norwegian and Polish.
The documents
Inspections can happen anytime.
24onoff make sure you're always ready.
Failure to pass an inspection by The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority can result in production stop and expensive fines. 24onoff deliver everything you need to comply with Health and Quality regulations - so you have nothing to fear.
Quick delivery and setup
Been notified of an upcoming inspection? We'll get you ready before they visit.
Made by construction industry experts
We know what's required to comply with norwegian rules, and stay updated on any changes.
Available in Polish and Norwegian - to name a few
We tailor everything to your needs. That includes the languages your workers speak.
The software
24onoff makes it easy to focus on quality, safety and profitability
The tools you need to deliver great craftsmanship and impress your clients.
Checklists and Forms
Comply with quality and safety regulations - and eliminate expensive errors.
Documentations hub
Manage and share documents and files with your workers. Easy access to safety info is required by law.
Time Tracking and Project Management
Keeping track of workers hours is also required by law and makes it easier to follow project progress and cost.
Team Communication
Send orders, messages and files directly to your workers. Fast, easy and searchable.
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